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Interior Architectural Designer Since 1993

Solving problems, optimizing function, and creating systems for graceful flow in which to move through life by revealing hidden obstacles, discovering possibilities, designing interior architecture and developing processes to address the desire for calm mornings, smooth transitions and serene evening routines.  

Pluralistic Approach

Coming from a family of engineers and artists, Cindy incorporated both sensibilities as she studied and experimented with Julie Morgenstern's psychological approach to organization in the 1980s, traditional and contemporary Feng Shui in the 90s, 

Susan Susanka's "Not So Big " movement in the 00s,  Northern European Hygge Practice in the 2010s,  and  most recently, Marie Kondo's  Con Marie Method of Tidying  Up.  

Cindy's philosophical approach is continually formed by a confluence of several  paradigms;  based on Werner Erhard's Ontologically Speaking Being, Eleanor Marx's Interior Design for a Clean and Peaceful Home,  &  Dr. Mel Oyler's Anthro-Technology - 3 Arches Framework.   She holds a Master of Science Degree in Management, a BA in Management and an Associate Degree in Science with a certificate in Residential Energy Management. She has won national awards in writing, entrepreneurial business models and audio performance. 

This wide breadth of learning and depth of experience made Cindy an expert in Organization focused  projects.  She is effective in knowing what not to do, as she impactfully , accomplishes what is needed and wanted to produce the intended result.  Cindy has developed a unique, comprehensive, effective design for living technology that has served individuals, families, business owners and staffs from New York to Washington State.

Cindy Tovah Rutstein


 "There are few things that are more fun and engaging for me than working with clients who are committed to having their home or office function in a way that serves what they are up to. The way we feel, how we think and what we accomplish is deeply impacted by what we see, how we move about and utilize our homes and offices. I LOVE witnessing the wonderful and surprising changes that happen, when clutter and obstacles are replaced by clean lines, clear spaces and beautifully functional systems."
Cindy Tovah Rutstein