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Deseo* life

Optimize your Functional Space

 to Operate your Deseo*Life  

with Systematic Grace 

*deseo = to wish, desire

about deseolife



What makes a great design?  Aesthetics?  Function? Optimal use of space? Yes, yes, yes. What makes the best design for you? DeseoLife was started to fulfill your needs; the need to feel heard, understood, honored and served. Listening carefully, from concept through installation, makes our world a more peaceful place; creating life with grace, one space* at a time.

*closet, office, guest room, library, mudroom, garage, laundry, family, bedroom, rec room, etc.

Designed Only For YOU


We'll have a private, confidential consultation to discover how you want to feel in your home, use your closets or operate in your office;  and make it happen!

"The best part about having our master closet designed and built just for us, is how smoothly and effortlessly our mornings go as we both get ready for work at the same time."                                  Woodinviile, WA

My work-out stack holds everything I need for running and for yoga in one easy to access place. I never have to stop to look for something which seems to get me to my work-out more often!" 

                                                         Langley, WA




Our advisory team includes builders, designers, architects, engineers, professional organizers,  personal stylists, life coaches and therapists. Deseo*Life works exclusively with Closet Factory Seattle for their state of the art local manufacturing, lifetime guarantee, full custom options, professional  engineering and expert installation.